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Accurate Wire Thomas Verified Supplier

Acquired by Luvata in March 2016, Accurate Wire is located in Branford, Connecticut.  Accurate Wire is a well-known name in wire manufacturing.

Products available include:
  • electroplating
  • electroplated wire
  • plated wire
  • electronic connector wire
  • orthodontic wire
  • square wire
  • flat wire
  • rectangle wire
  • custom shaped wire

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Wire alloys include:
  • aluminum
  • brasses
  • bronzes
  • carbon steels
  • copper
  • nickel alloys
  • stainless steels
  • titanium



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We are committed to producing goods and services that meet or exceed our customers' needs.

Our operations and policies are driven by the goal of continuous improvement to our products, processes, and Quality Management System. Luvata Branford's Quality Management System is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard.

Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement leads us to work closely with our customers and suppliers to improve processes and quickly resolve any quality issues. Our proactive approach often leads to the elimination of potential quality issues well before they become a problem for our customers.

Accurate Wire continues to be an industry leader in Quality and high technology areas:

  • We design and build our own equipment to ensure we can provide the highest quality levels and maintain the tightest tolerances.
  • We have In-Line Laser Measurement capabilities to monitor and report SPC data for critical applications.
  • We utilize in-line Eddy Current Inspection to do 100% inspection for defects in highly critical applications.
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Branford manufacturing unit has In-Line Laser Measurement capabilities for Square and Flat Wire applications. Dimensional inspection can be done continuously throughout a production run, with full SPC documentation.

We use a dual axis gauge to monitor the thickness and width of a flat or square wire as the wire is exiting our shaping mill, taking 2833 measurements per second on each axis. The gauge control terminal enables our operators to view the current thickness and width and print out SPC reports upon completion of each spool.

Typical SPC reports contain CP/CPK calculations, Histograms, and X-Bar & Range Charts. Please consult us for any specific SPC reporting requirements or methods.

Branford in-line laser measurement
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Branford has In-Line Eddy Current Inspection capabilities for critical round and shaped wire applications. These non-destructive testing systems allow us to 100% inspect the wire, enabling us to locate and remove defect areas.

This testing is accomplished by passing the wire through a non-contact test coil. Voids, seams, inclusions, surface damage, and other defects cause an obstruction of eddy currents generated by the excitation coil. The receiver coil detects these obstructions and a corresponding flaw signal is generated on the instrument. Depending on the severity of the signal, we can program the instrument to shut the line down to remove the defect area or continue production.

Occasional defects are an inherent part of rod casting and wire production. Visually inspecting the ends of coils and reels will not remove the isolated defects that do exist in wire. Our use of eddy current inspection will detect and remove defects that would otherwise lead to failures in the final product. The following photos show some examples of isolated defects found in otherwise high-quality wire.

Branford Eddy Current Inspection

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Wiredrawing Machines

Our Wiredrawing machines are used to draw large gauge raw material to the various ready to finish round wire sizes. This process is done by elongating the wire by drawing through conical shaped dies. The specific breakdown wire size needed for an application depends on the customer specified finish size and temper.

Branford Wiredrawing Machines


Strand Annealing

Strand Annealing is used to soften the wire following the Wiredrawing operation. Strands of wire are run through the annealing furnace at specific temperatures and speeds. Precise control over temperature and speed ensure uniform mechanical properties.

Branford Strand Annealing Machinery


Rolling Mill

A Rolling Mill is used to manufacture flat and special shaped wire. Rolling Mill machines utilize multiple stands of motor driven rolls, one on the top and another on the bottom. Rolling Mills are typically used when making flat wire with large width to thickness ratios.

Branford Rolling Mill Machinery


A Turkshead is used to manufacture square, flat, and special shaped wire. Our Turkshead machines utilize a motor driven capstan that pulls the wire through four, non-powered rolls. Due to the use of precision bearings, Turksheads can hold very tight tolerances.

Branford Turkshead Machinery



Our spoolers incorporate high technology electronic controls that ensure very accurate and repeatable spooling. The end result is trouble free payoff into our customers’ production lines.

Branford Spoolers

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