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Luvata Appleton LLC

The world's leading fully-integrated manufacturer of copper-alloy wire

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With three manufacturing facilities located in Northeast Wisconsin, Luvata Appleton manufacturers a wide array of copper alloy wire products and offers over 60 alloys including:

  • Brasses
  • Phosphorous bronzes
  • Silicon bronzes
  • Tin brasses
  • Cupro nickels
  • High copper alloys
  • Nickel silvers

As a leading fully-integrated manufacturer of copper-alloy wire, our technical capabilities provide customers with solutions that improve their performance. We are recognized as a leader in quality and innovation and are the supplier of choice for the most demanding wire applications such as:

  • Alkaline batteries
  • Solar photovoltaics
  • Electronics
  • Ordnance
  • Welding
  • Furnace brazing
  • Copper infiltration
  • Cold heading
  • Guitar string
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Luvata Appleton LLC is a Wisconsin based company with three facilities in the Fox River Valley. We manufacture copper alloy wire used by our customers to make batteries, solar panels, fasteners and other consumer products. Luvata Appleton seeks qualified production employees to become part of our team.

1964 - Opens as Valleycast near downtown Appleton with 16 production employees
1968 – Company merges with Albany International Corporation
1980 - Company becomes 'Cast Wire Division' of Albany International, expanding 50% during the recession
1983 - Acquired by Charthouse Group with focus on "quality & service"
1985 – Acquired by Outokumpu Copper
1990 – Expands with second plant built in Kimberly
2006 – Acquired by Luvata
2010 – Expands with third plant in Kimberly
2017 – Acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (founded 1871)   

What might a work day look like at Luvata Appleton? We invite you to take a peek:


Luvata Appleton offers different production shifts:

Rotating Shifts:

  • Two and three shift weekly rotations
  • Monday through Friday with overtime on Saturdays

Swing Shift:

  • Similar to a 'southern swing'
  • Two weekends off per month
  • 'Long weekend' every four weeks, five days off

Pay Rates:

  • Time and a half: Monday-Friday over 8 hours worked & Saturdays
  • Double time: Sundays

If you are interested in a career with Luvata Appleton, please view our open positions and apply online here:

Luvata Appleton Job Opportunities

Luvata Appleton LLC is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer and considers all applicants for employment based on non-discriminatory, job-related factors. All minorities, women, veterans and people of disability welcome to apply. If you are unable to apply online due to a disability, please contact us at 

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