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Luvata - a proven partner to the automotive industry

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The push towards sustainability, digitalization and automation are revolutionizing the automotive industry.  This industry, along with others, is an intensively competitive space to be.  The rapid spread of connected, autonomous, shared and electrified (CASE) next generation vehicles has presented new opportunities, challenges and choices for the automotive industry.

The use of lighter-weight materials has provided fresh challenges in robotic welding.  Meanwhile the mix of electrified vehicles — mild hybrid, full hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full battery-electric vehicles — have given rise to the need for high-performance, light-weight and small-sized components, connectors and circuitry.

One of Luvata's core competencies is the technical capabilities associated with the development and production of oxygen-free copper and copper alloys. Copper offers high electrical conductivity, high tensile strength, low thermal expansion and resists corrosion, all properties that deliver reliable circuitry. The high conductivity of copper can enhance the energy efficiency of electric motors.  A resilient, durable and recyclable metal, a more sustainable future begins with copper.

Market leader

Luvata is a proven partner to the automotive industry.  As a leading manufacturer of resistance welding electrodes and accessories, we have long-held relationships with nearly every automotive manufacturer in the world. We continue to develop new alloys and products that continue to strengthen these relationships.

Fully integrated 

We offer a fully integrated production system that provides the automotive industry with tailor-made alloys, product development expertise and after-sales support.

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Automotive welding

Spot welding and laser welding are commonly found in the automotive industry.  Spot welding, a type of resistance welding, is typically used to join sheet metal frames together. Laser welding is a welding technique used to join multiple pieces of metal through the use of a laser beam.

Electronic components for modern transportation

Most modern forms of transportation rely on electricity. From the power steering to the CD player, from the air conditioning to the automatic windscreen wipers, all new vehicles require electrical components.

We manufacture wires, connectors and furnace brazing alloys.  We produce them in copper and copper alloys, which ensure that durability, corrosion resistance, heat transfer, weldability and electrical conductivity all come as standard.

Electric vehicles

Luvata combines its many years of manufacturing and metallurgical expertise with copper's high thermal conductivity to overcome customers' challenges in terms of electric vehicles (EVs) driving range, charging times, heating, cooling and infrastructure.

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