Luvata Business Units in the Spotlight – Electrical Power Asia

Luvata’s Electrical Power Asia Business Unit manufactures copper products for the power & distribution and the electronics industries and for the energy sector. These products include bus bars, rods, strips, anodes and profiles, to name a few. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Pasir Gudang Malaysia, near the Singapore boarder. Electrical Power Asia Business Unit is led by the Executive Vice President, Yee Hoe Saw.

Our highly committed and skillful staff produces copper products that contribute to a more sustainable world through electrification of our societies and the green transition. We are proud to work together towards our vision to be the leading provider of copper solutions for the benefit of People, Society and the Earth.

Yee Hoe Saw

“Strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia (SEA), Luvata’s Electrical Power Asia Business Unit is the preferred quality supplier for copper bars, rods, strips, earthing tapes, profiles and anodes used in Electrical & Power and Electronics industries. Over two decades as a trusted critical copper solution provider to our customers in electrification of Asia region, we continue our mission in green transition and the evolution of vehicles into E-mobility,” says Yee Hoe Saw.

“We are the leading high-quality Oxygen-Free Copper (C10200) supplier in Asia, and a strategic partner to key components manufacturers for the electric vehicles. Products we supply play crucial role in the industry’s success stories.”

Striving for perfection

Luvata’s strategic core competencies include Lean production and Innovation. In Pasir Gudang, continuous development of production, processes and products is an integral part of the Unit’s operations.

“We are continuously improving our capability in manufacturing more technically demanding and higher value-added products to provide a better solution to our customers in line with the growth of E-mobility, electrification, and green transition in the Asia Region,” Saw explains. “Pasir Gudang has obtained its LEAN factory status in 2015, since then, we never stop to strive for perfection with continual process improvement. We navigate the LEAN journey with structure guide of LPS (Luvata Production System) and run two LPS transformation projects in a year.


Pasir Gudang Products

People at the heart of our business

Luvata’s mission is to bring together people, innovation and technology to make the most of copper. Our employees are at the center of our operations and there are around 270 people working in our Pasir Gudang factory. “All our employees are local people with an average 15 years of service in the company. This has enabled us to retain our know-how, skills, and experiences to provide consistent high-quality products and services to our customers,” Saw says.

Yee Hoe Saw explains that in there is an open working environment in the company and people respect each other. “Things are handled with high transparency. This creates a very safe environment for every employee to express themselves or to challenge other opinions for better outcomes. Everyone knows that we are heading to the same ultimate goals,” he says. “In Luvata Pasir Gudang, we care deeply about our employees. We have multiple channels for all levels of employees to raise their voices, our Monthly Connection Meeting is one of the most popular channels where I deliver the latest company information to our employees and receive their feedback. Our people are fully engaged with trust and respect, which I believe highly motivates them to deliver on the promises we make to our customers.”



Electrical Power Asia in short

  • Electrical Power Asia is one of Luvata Group’s five business units.
  • Luvata Malaysia Sdn Bhd was founded in 1997 (Outokumpu Copper Malaysia at the time).
  • Business unit has one manufacturing facility, located in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia.
  • Employs around 270 people.
  • Manufactures copper bus bars, bars, rods, strips, anodes, earthing tape and profiles.

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