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From small voltage connectors to high amperage industrial connectors, we make your connector

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Offering high amperage industrial connectors ranging from 50 Amp - 1000 Amp, and small voltage connectors, socket bodies and pins found in renewable energy, Luvata puts its metallurgical and cold-forming expertise into every connector.
Industries served expander header icon
  • E-mobility, electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power distribution
  • Renewable energy
Applications expander header icon
  • Vacuum interrupters
  • EV main drive connectors, battery connectors, terminal connectors, fuses and cell module connectors
  • Charging infrastructure connectors including crimp style solid copper connectors, slotted connectors and pins for charging cables
  • High amperage industrial connectors, DIN and flat blade

Threaded connectors (Small)

Luvata electrical contacts

Advantages of cold-forming expander header icon
  • Improved quality and product performance
  • Cost savings with reduced process scrap
  • Complex geometries with interior and exterior features
  • Reduced processing times averaging one second per piece
  • Reduced development costs and times
  • Tooling cost saving

Cold-forming expertise
Luvata’s advanced cold-forming equipment and proprietary tooling designs are combined with our vertical integration of high-purity copper alloys.  The proprietary tooling is internally designed by Luvata involving over a hundred components used in the most advanced cold-forming equipment available in the marketplace today.

This combination of tooling and cold-forming expertise offers Luvata customers many choices in delivering the exact product for the exact application, along with consistent quality, performance and reliability from the first connector to the last.

One of the biggest advantages of cold forming versus machining is that the typical Luvata customer experience has been 70% reduction in scrap.

Luvata connectors cold forming grey

Material options expander header icon

Advantages of oxygen-free copper
Oxygen-free copper has a higher conductivity over tellurium (C14500) and sulphur copper (C14700), allowing for higher current carrying capability over these alloys without overheating.

Metallurgical expertise
While oxygen-free copper offers low resistance and high conductivity, Luvata also offers connectors in other materials.  

If you are looking for nickel tin, nickel, silver or gold over molded terminal connectors or crimp style solid copper connectors for battery swapping or quick connect systems, we can help you.  Barrel or rack plating is available for all parts.

Material options

UNS Alloy No.DescriptionConductivity (%IACS)
C10200Oxygen-free copper100%
C10500 & C10700SIlver-bearing copper100%
C15000Zirconium age hardenable alloy94%
C15725 & C15760Dispersion strengthened alloy78%
C18150 & C18200Chromium age hardenable alloy84%
C36000 & C38000Leaded brass26%
C69300Ecobrass lead-free brass8%


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