Using our unique copper and copper alloy know-how to overcome the challenges facing the e-mobility industry.

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We are focusing on copper's high thermal conductivity, mainly C102 and high-performance alloys, in designing next generation products that overcome customers' challenges in terms of charging times, heating, cooling, driving ranges and infrastructure.

Luvata recognizes these challenges as opportunities and has made improvements specifically targeting the accelerated pace of e-mobility research and development as well as manufacturing including:

  • Custom designed copper semi-products, from C101 to C110 and many copper alloys
  • Insulated copper semi-products or components ready for assembly
  • High-performance copper alloys
  • Specifications of extreme tolerances
  • Accelerated prototype manufacturing, through in-house tool manufacturing


Electric vehicles (stator direct cooling) expander header icon

In electric motors, the current flows in the windings, which are made of copper because of its low resistance. Electrical losses are an unavoidable obstacle and increase with the amount of current; for example, doubling the current quadruples the losses, which increases heat in the motor. In addition, magnetic losses heat both the stator and the rotor, further increasing the heat load. This heat can be extracted by direct or indirect cooling. The big benefit of direct cooling is that it treats the heat where it is generated, in the winding itself instead of in the housing. Effective cooling of the stator also ensures a lower rotor temperature, enabling the use of less expensive lower temperature graded permanent magnets.

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