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Metals and technology for a wide range of electronic applications

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The world of electronics is fast-moving and constantly changing. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we supply metals and technology for a huge range of electronic applications. We produce a wide array of solutions in various alloys and shapes, and component parts for the computer, audio-video and ballast industries. Most famously, our wire can be found inside the biggest-selling, longest-lasting consumer battery brands in the world.

We also supply copper materials for power electronics. OFE oxygen-free electronic grade ASTM F68 certified copper for vacuum interrupters and other vacuum applications such X-ray tubes and electron guns. Semiconductor component manufacturing processes need often immunity against hydrogen embrittlement and oxygen-free copper is then the obvious choice. High thermal conductivity of our oxygen-free copper means that the critical parts of the semiconductor devices stay cooler and last longer.

Cryocoolers and devices that operate in cryogenic temperatures require special properties that Luvata’s cryogenic grade OFE copper will meet.

Our oxygen-free copper materials have excellent deformability and the components can be cold formed into complicated shapes. With less machining needed to make the components ready, there are significant savings in materials and cost.

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  • Vacuum interrupters and condensators
  • Microwave transmitters
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Laser mirrors
  • X-ray tubes and electron guns
  • Batteries
  • Silicon growth furnaces
  • Cryocoolers and cryostats
  • Superconductors
  • Connectors including bandolier pins and contact pins