CitroSperse™ is a sustainable line of high-quality pigment dispersions based on proprietary green chemistry.

Titanium Dioxide

CitroSperse™ Titanium Dioxide is the base pigment dispersion for many color cosmetics formulations and can be used for blending, brightening, and bringing out the bold hues of other colorants in the CitroSperse™ product line.

Red Iron Oxide

CitroSperse™ Red Iron Oxide is essential for creating skin tones and adds a brassy brown hue to lip and cheek products. Red Iron Oxide shines in foundations, blushes, and lip liners.

Yellow Iron Oxide

CitroSperse™ Yellow Iron Oxide is key to achieving skin tones and can deepen brown and blonde color tints. Yellow Iron Oxide shines in brow products, mascara, and complexion products.

Black Iron Oxide

CitroSperse™ Black Iron Oxide is a key player in achieving a desired skin tone, and it excels on its own in eyeliners and liquid lipsticks. Black Iron Oxide is a perfect shade adjustor when aiming to deepen a color and create a darker version of the base color blend.

Red 6 Lake

CitroSperse™ Red 6 Lake is perfect for formulations aiming to achieve a classic red look. Its strong color is core to creating both traditional and modern lip shades. Strengths of Red 6 Lake include blush, lip liner, and lipstick.

Red 7 Lake

CitroSperse™ Red 7 is key in blending the perfect nude or pink lip color. Small amounts of Red 7 Lake impart impressive color payoff and allow formulators to manipulate color easily. Strengths of Red 7 Lake include lip glosses, lip tints, and liquid lipsticks.

Blue 1 Lake

CitroSperse™ Blue 1 Lake provides brilliant blue hues in eye makeup and lip colors to achieve cool tones and vibrant pay-off. Blue 1 Lake’s versatility extends to both the lips and eyes and can be used to create more dimension in warm and cool tone lipsticks and glosses. Strengths of Blue 1 Lake include eyeshadows, color correctors, and lipsticks. Blue 1 Lake is sometimes used to make black tones appear darker in final formulation.

Yellow 5 Lake

CitroSperse™ Yellow 5 Lake provides vivid golden hues in eye and lip makeup and imparts brightness and warmth to final formulations. Star products utilizing Yellow 5 Lake include highlighters, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.

Ultramarine Blue

CitroSperse™ Ultramarine Blue is a true royal blue that makes any eye product pop with bright color. Ultramarine Blue can cool down warm shades, while adding vibrance to cool ones. Star products ulilizing Ultramarine Blue include eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. This pigment can reach cool color spaces that the iron oxides alone cannot.

Black 2

CitroSperse™ Black 2 imparts a deep black tone when used alone, and adds dark, smokey hues when combined with other pigments. Black 2 is used to achieve the strongest black shade in liquid lipstick, lip liner, mascara, and eyeliner.

About CitroSperse™

We’ve teamed up with dispersion experts American Colors to make first of a kind high-quality pigment dispersions based on proprietary green chemistry.