Vitamin C Serum

Ingredients List


  1. Add Water, Aloe, Glycerin to the main beaker and begin heating to 65°C while mixing.

  2. Slowly add the rest of Phase A.

  3. Once at 65°C, cover and mix at high speed for 30 minutes.

  4. While Phase A is heating, premix Phases B and C.

  5. Phase B: add water to a suitable beaker and mix at a sufficient speed to product a vortex. Slowly add the rest of Phase B while mixing.

  6. Phase C: combine Oleth-20, Citropol H, and Polysorbate 20 in a small beaker, then heat to 45°C to melt the Oleth-20. Once the Oleth is melted, remove from heat and add the rest of Phase C. Mix well by hand.

  7. After 30 minutes mixing at 65°C, remove the main beaker from heat to begin cooling to 40°C while mixing. If desired, submerge in a water & ice bath to decrease cooling time.

  8. Once cooled to 40°C or below, slowly add Phase B while mixing. Continue mixing until incorporated.

  9. Slowly add Phase C while mixing.

  10. Add Phase D and mix well.

  11. Pour into suitable component and enjoy!


A facial serum that helps restore skin and add hydration and shine.