P2 Science Appoints Dr. Patrick Foley Vice-Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

P2 Science Appoints Dr. Patrick Foley Vice-Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

Foley to lead advisory efforts in the area of new green chemistry platforms

Woodbridge, CT – March 1st, 2021 – P2 Science Inc., a green chemistry company, announced that Patrick Foley has transitioned to a new full-time role leading strategic technology advisory programs as part of its Scientific Advisory Board. Foley will join Paul Anastas, who currently chairs the Scientific Advisory Board.

Most recently, Foley, a co-founder of P2, served as the company’s Chief Science Officer until the end of 2020.

“Patrick has been a huge creative force from day one of P2 and has built for us a world class technology portfolio. Today, the company is seeing great success in commercializing that technology in markets including cosmetics, fragrances and polymers,” said Neil Burns, P2’s CEO. “Last year, Patrick came to me with the idea of moving into a more strategic role where he could focus on big new technology ideas and keep in closer touch with our major collaborators. I was thrilled to be able to facilitate this transition.”

Foley graduated with a PhD from Yale University where he was a member of the first doctoral class at the Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. It was at Yale that Foley and Professor Anastas formed P2 Science.

“It’s great to be continuing the important work of green chemistry innovation at P2 where we have a track record of commercializing meaningful new technology,” said Foley.

About P2 Science
P2 Science is a green chemistry company, co-founded by Dr. Patrick Foley and Professor Paul Anastas, head of the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. P2 has developed and patented technologies for converting renewable feedstocks into high-value specialty products. Investors in P2 include BASF Venture Capital, Xeraya Capital, Elm Street Ventures, Connecticut Innovations, Ironwood Capital, HG Ventures and Chanel. The company started up its first manufacturing plant in September of 2018 which produces novel renewable aroma chemicals and cosmetic ingredients. For more information, visit https://p2science-old.yellowlionmedia.com.

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