Luvata Ohio, Inc.

Utilizing our cold-forming expertise to deliver material costs savings

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Employing roughly 100 people, we're located in Delaware, Ohio just north of Columbus.  We specialize in using our unique cold forming expertise to manufacture high quality copper formed products in large quantities.  This offers customers materials cost savings compared with traditional machining.

We manufacture resistance-welding electrodes, welding accessories and other similar copper formed  products.  The performance and reputation of our electrodes and welding accessories continues to grow as one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

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Luvata Ohio established its first cold-forming operation in 1960.  From simple part geometry to extremely complex parts available today, cold-forming has come a long way.

Luvata connectors 813x450jpgCold-forming is the process of shaping metals at high speed and high pressure into tool dies. Cold-forming dramatically reduces waste by optimizing the raw material incorporated into every finished part. It is extremely fast, allowing for short cycle times, critical in high-volume production applications. 

Cold-forming is used in a wide variety of industries to make electrical, automotive, industrial and commercial components.  Historically component shapes were generally limited to rotationally symmetrical and axisymmetric, including bolts, nuts and simple components. However, shape capability is expanding greatly by developments in technology and machine capability.  Innovations in complex tooling design allow for cold-forming of difficult part geometry.

With appropriate force, materials such as copper, aluminum, brass and even stainless steel can be formed to the required shape.  A simple blank cropped from a round bar or wire is placed within a die and a punch is pressed into the blank at ambient temperature.  Put more simply, cold-forming is making a shape from material at room temperature.  

The main benefit of cold-forming is material savings, but also an enhanced surface finish and improved mechanical characteristics. Because the material retains the integrity of the metal, while also producing parts with

highly polished surfaces, the performance of a component can be improved dramatically.  

Cold-forming is capable of delivering complex, precision-engineered parts with good surface finish at high speeds. It also produces a hardening effect, which further improves part durability and machinability, making it ideal for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and alternative energy where precision and reliability is critical.

Luvata offers a full selection of materials from high conductivity to materials that restrict softening at elevated temperatures. To complement the cold-heading process, Luvata also provides annealing, machining and plating operations.

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Luvata Ohio is located in Delaware, Ohio just north of Columbus. We currently have roughly 100 people on our team.  We think Luvata Ohio is a great place to work.  Our motto:

Great people = great place to work

We manufacture welding electrodes.  They are the little copper 'finger tips' that are used in automotive robotic welding. Our customers include nearly every major automotive manufacturer in the world.  In addition to electrodes, we also manufacture other welding accessories such as adapters and shanks in addition to high precision formed parts such as contacts and connectors.

Luvata Ohio's History:
1936 – Founded as The Nippert Company
1957 – Develop and patent zirconium copper
1966 – Relocate to larger facility in Delaware, Ohio
1978 – Establish welding electrode production
1983 – Acquired by Outokumpu Copper
1989 – Acquisition of Electroloy Corporation
1991 – Joint venture Nippert-Dawson Potters Bar, England
1999 – New electrode facility opens in Delaware, Ohio
2001 – Acquire 100% ownership of European joint venture
2005 – Acquired by Nordic Capital and rebranded Luvata (2006)
2006 – Open electrode manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China
2012 – Acquisition electrode distributor Intermachinery Ltda. in Brazil
2013 – Open electrode manufacturing facility in Brazil
2017 – Acquired by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (founded 1871)
"Luvata Ohio is like a family, not just a company I work for."                 
                                      Nora Salerno

                                      Sales Assistant for Luvata Ohio

Hours and shifts:

Luvata Ohio is regularly looking to fill manufacturing positions such as:

  • Header Operators
  • Machine Operators
  • Machine Setup
  • Maintenance
  • Toolroom
  • Warehouse
We run a 24/5 operation Monday - Friday with three shifts:

  • First shift is 8am - 4pm
  • Second shift is 4pm - 12 midnight
  • Third shift is 12 midnight - 8 am.

We offer a 5% shift differential for 2nd and 3rd shifts.

How to apply:
Please feel free to view our job openings or apply on line:  

If you are interested in applying for a position with Luvata Ohio,  you can also email a copy of your resume to: 

To mail your resume please send to:
Luvata Ohio, Inc.
ATTN:  Human Resources
1376 Pittsburgh Drive
Delaware, OH 43015

Luvata Ohio, Inc.,  is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer and considers all applicants for employment based on non-discriminatory, job-related factors. All minorities, women, veterans and people of disability welcome to apply.