Electric power industry

Power and distribution

Due to its excellent conductivity, copper is essential for generating and distributing electricity

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Luvata is involved in the generation and distribution of electricity in both the conventional and renewable energy markets. As demand for energy increases we are committed to finding ever-more creative solutions to channelling the world’s resources efficiently and cost-effectively.

We support the many technologies that help to conserve energy and the environment. Our copper bars and components are used in frequency converters and generators for wind mills. Our copper for stator and rotor, frequency converters and heat sinks are used in wind generators, and we manufacture bus and string wires for photovoltaic solar panels.

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The majority of the world's energy still comes from conventional sources. From transmission to distribution, we work with our customers to make these processes as efficient as possible.

Generator parts and replacements are a large part of our business. One of the biggest issues facing our customers in the generation industry is 'down time' - time when power is not being generated for consumers. Luvata prides itself on fast turnaround for shapes and profiles for generator parts - a service that the biggest names in power generation have come to rely upon.

In a similar way, we currently supply a large proportion of the global market with parts for bus bars, bus-bar components, frequency converters, electrical machines, generators, turbines. In every application, our production technology and metallurgical experience have helped our customers to meet their challenges.


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Energy from sunlight, wind and water

With expertise in solar photovoltaic and wind energy, Luvata leads the way in working with the environmentally-friendly energy production industry.

We pioneered the process by which bus and string wires are attached to even the thinnest of silicon wafers - the development that made automated production of solar panels a reality. Sunwire® is our precision, flat, copper-based interconnector wire, designed specifically for silicon and thin film photovoltaic module construction.

Power from wind and water

We have applied our experience in the field of generator sets to the manufacture of high-performance parts for wind and hydroelectric turbines. With wind and water power growing in popularity around the world, we are helping to make power generation from these sources as efficient as possible.

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