Reformulated strategy outlining Luvata’s future vision and the basis for growth

12 April 2023

The world – and the business environment – around us is changing fast. Megatrends, like changes in the global economy and value chains, eco-crisis, aging population and the future of work, are all creating challenges but also offering opportunities. For us to be able to foresee changes in the markets, to capture future growth potentials, and to best serve our customers, we have reformulated Luvata’s strategy and corporate values.

Luvata’s mission is to bring together people, innovation and technology to make the most of copper. The main growth drivers for our business are E-mobility, Healthcare, Electrification and Green Transition. We continue to build on our strengths and focus on technically demanding products. Through Lean Production methodology, combined with an innovative mindset and Value-Added Sales, Luvata ensures its position as the supplier of choice. We support our customers addressing the challenges and opportunities that tomorrow will bring. 

A central part of our strategy is our position on ESG – Environmental and Social responsibility issues, as well as compliance and Governance. We are committed to working towards carbon neutrality and ensuring high ethical standards across our value chains. Our products and solutions contribute to a sustainable development, and we are partnering with our stakeholders to build a better future for us all and the generations to come. In the center of the strategy are people. We focus on building long lasting relationships with customers, co-workers and suppliers. Partnerships are built on mutual trust and trust is created and maintained through delivering on our promises, which is our core corporate value. We take pride in taking good care of our people and Luvata wants to be the employer of choice, not only for its current staff, but also to new employees.

Every day, through our actions, we contribute to Partnerships with a Promise and work together towards our vision of becoming the leading provider of copper solutions for the benefit of People, Society and the Earth.

President & CEO
Pekka Kleemola

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