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Photovoltaic Ribbon Sunwire

Sunwire® is Luvata's branded photovoltaic ribbon - possibly the softest PV ribbon available on the market today

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Sunwire is a copper-based flat ribbon used to connect silicon cells electrically and to carry out current in crystalline silicon and thin-film photovoltaic modules.

Sunwire is made from oxygen-free copper core base, offering exceptional electrical conductivity combined with guaranteed elongation and yield strength. Sunwire's softness reduces cell breakages and electrical resistance in PV modules.

Sunwire benefits expander header icon
Smaller width
  • to avoid sacrificing cell yield
  • to enable 4-6 busbar cell solutions
Softer material
  • to avoid causing stress in the soldering process
  • to enable usage of thinner wafers
  • to reduce electrical resistance
Straighter material
  • to get out the full power of the module
  • usable also in large thin-film applications
Tin coating on every surface
Sunwire evolution expander header icon

The Sunwire® Evolution - passion for improvements

The continuous advancement of our photovoltaic ribbon, branded Sunwire, begins by listening to the new challenges facing PV module manufacturers. The incremental improvements made to Sunwire stem from the need for higher productivity in module manufacturing and improved efficiency of the module. Luvata's passion for finding the answers to these new challenges - this is Sunwire’s evolution.

Sunwire® ES

With a high-purity oxygen-free copper core base, Sunwire ES offers exceptional electrical conductivity combined with guaranteed elongation and yield strength.  These enhanced mechanical properties reduce cell breakage rates and improve the productivity.

Sunwire spools

Sunwire spools are getting bigger and bigger. Sunwire’s fully-automated spooling process ensure that its winding is consistent from one spool to the next, resulting in reliable and predictable de-spooling. This means less downtime and higher production output for module manufacturers.


Applications expander header icon
Crystalline silicon panelsOngoing development of both multicrystalline and monocrystalline silicon cells requires continuous improvements in the wire. We are developing new products to meet the most stringent technological and market demands for all these applications.
Thin-film panelsWith the growth of thin-film solar panel markets, there are new requirements for both the wire and the connections between the wire and the thin-film module. Whether it is amourphous or ‘micromorph’ (microcrystalline / amourphous) silicon. CdTe or CIGS thin-films, we can provide the right solution for the module manufacturers.

Specifications expander header icon
Rolled from round wire 
Thickness (mm)0,080-0,600 (Tolerance +/- 0,007)
Width (mm)0,300-6,000 (Tolerance +/- 0,08)


Platings (hot dipped)*
Lead freeSn100; SnAgCu 96,5/3,0/0,5
LeadedSnPbAg 62/36/2; SnPb 63/37;
SnPb 60/40
Low temperatureBi-containing lead-free solder alloys
Plating composition and thickness4-50 μm +/- 3 μm each side


Melting temperatures of different coating alloys
SnPbAg 62/36/2179 °C
SnPb 63/37183 °C
SnPb 60/40183/190 °C
Sn 100232 °C
SnAg Cu96,5/3,0/0,5217/220 °C
Low temperature 
SnBiAg 60/38/2139-170 °C


Base Materials
Cu-OF1CW007A(acc. EN13602)CDA 102Electrical Conductivity 101 103% IACS
Resistivity ≤ 1.72 x 10-8 Ωm


Mechanical Properties
Available Yield StrengthsRp0.2 <50-140 N/mm2
Elongation at fracture>25 %
Camber <6 mm/m measured from the center of the spool

Packing expander header icon
Spool & disc dimensions* (mm)
Spool typed1d2d3L1L2Approx. winding volume in kg
K 160160100221601288
HKV 1601609022160858
HKV 2002001122220010615
SD 300 K300 21251,5103 9115-18


65 mm - 630 mm

*Also according to customer specifications



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    Did you know?


    Sustainable packaging for Sunwire
    For Sunwire deliveries, we use re-usable packaging, which enables customers to pack the empty spools into the very same package ensuring the optimal space utilisation, low damage ratio and high re-usability of spools.

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